Am I Fat? – Bariatric Surgery – Weight Loss Surgery FAQ’s

Answer of all your questions about Weight Loss Surgery in India. We Asian Bariatrics brings you the most popular Frequently Asked Questions about Bariatric Surgery in India or Obesity Surgery in India.

  1. Am I Fat?
    Fat is called obese in Menstrual terminology .If a patient looks fat he or she is fat. This is known as eyeball test. Doctors calculate BMI (body mass index) to know how much excess weight person have in relation to their height. 

    Know your BMI
    25-30     Overweight
    30-35     Obesity Class I
    35-40     Obesity Class II
    40-45     Obesity Class III
    >45         Super Obese

  2. How does being fat harm?
    Obesity shorten the life span as well as leads to a poor quality of life by causing disease like Diabetes , Hypertension , Dyslipidemia, breathlessness , sleep apnea , joint pain and backache, liver diseases like fatty degeneration and ACDT Hiatus hernia, odema feet and deep vein thrombosis. It can also lead to cancers of endometrium of uterus, Breast and Kidney. Prostate in women. It can cause menstrual irregularities , and Infertility.
  3. Which is better option, Tummy tuck or Bariatric surgery?
    Liposuction or Tummy tuck is cosmetic surgery and only indicated when BMI is less than 30. These do not contain obesity related disease. Weight loss surgeries are undoubtedly the best deal as far as morbid obesity is concerned.
  4. How does bariatric surgery help to reduce weight?
    Surgery can be restrictive. It reduces the capacity of stomach and hence food intake. Mal absorptive it decreases the absorption of food by bypassing a portion of small intestine or it can hunger hence the person gets satisfied in small quantity of food.
  5. How rapidly will I lose weight after surgery?
    Depending on the type of surgery 75-90% of excess body weight will be lost in 6 months to two years. Majority of weight is lost in the first 6 month after surgery. The weight loss will taper and continue for the subsequent years. Some patients do achieve 100% loss of their excessive weight.
  6. What is the expected hospital stay for surgery and when can I get back to work?
    As this surgery is done laparoscopically, it requires a very short hospital stay of 2-3 days after the surgery. If they do not have any complaints and are tolerating the liquid diet one can resume routine activity within a week of surgery as it does not have any major stitches.
  7. What diet is recommended after weight loss surgery?
    Regular small and 4-5 meals per day with plenty of fluids in between more proteins moderate carbohydrate and less fat are advised after weight loss surgery.
  8. What is the life after Weight Loss Surgery?
    Over the years it has been observed that patients who have undergone surgery are satisfied with their decision of surgery and happy with the improved quality of life. The freedom from diseases like diabetes high blood pressure, cholesterol and joint pain can be refreshing. One would be more energetic and active. Also you would be having a new look 10 yrs younger.
  9. When can I have children after bariatric surgery? or Pregnancy after Weight Loss Surgery?
    Female patients are advised to wait till their weight stabilizer which would take around 2 yrs.
  10. Will the complication due to my obesity go away after the surgery?
    Yes obesity associated diseases show complete cure or significant improvement after surgery. Surgery cure diabetes II in 85-90% of patients and is now considered the best treatment of diabetes associated with obesity. High cholesterol and blood pressure improves in 75-80%. Marked improvement is also seen in joint pain, breathlessness and sleep apnea, menstrual irregularity.

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