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Experts Advice on Pregnancy After Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery in India has become very common in the recent past. The number of people getting this surgery done has almost increased five-fold in the last decade. Obese people who have been trying to get rid of their excessive weight by making lifestyle changes which includes either controlling their diet or extensive workout but failed to get optimum results generally prefer bariatric surgery. This bariatric surgery in India has proved to be a boon for such people as it gives them permanent solution to all their problems.

There are many women who face problems in pregnancy just because of their obesity. They face fertility issues like anovulation, which means their body is unable to produce ripened egg every month. Bariatric surgery helps such women to reverse this problem by bringing their menstrual cycle to normal.  As a result of this, a woman has more chances of conceiving and delivering a healthy baby which otherwise was not possible for an obese female. Bariatric surgery has also shown proven results in improving other reasons for infertility in women that includes polycystic ovarian syndrome and normalisation of sex hormones.

Your surgeon plays a major role in changing your life as the surgery performed by him can bring positive changes in your pregnancy. It is important that the health care provider you choose for yourself is experienced and qualified enough to handle your pregnancy after bariatric surgery. In majority of the cases, it is seen that weight loss surgery has helped pregnant woman and her baby to escape obesity related problems occurring during pregnancy like gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. Therefore, proper consultation is necessary with your doctor before planning for a baby. At times, it is also recommended to talk to your dietitian and with bariatric surgeon to obtain guidance on proper nutrition and weight gain that is required during pregnancy after weight loss surgery.

Experts suggest that if a woman has had bariatric surgery then she should wait for at least 1-1.5 years to start planning for pregnancy because during this time period a person’s weight is stabilised. However, you may even be told to wait for a longer duration and this all depends on your physical health. In the period following your bariatric surgery, your body tends to keep losing weight and in case you plan your pregnancy in this time then there are chances that your baby may not get the required nutrients leading to very low weight at the time of birth of baby. You may be prescribed some nutritional supplements like vitamins, minerals and folic acid during pregnancy.

One may need to consult with surgeon during your pregnancy also just to make sure that your body has adapted the changes post surgery and there are no problems related to it. Therefore, pregnancy after undergone obesity surgery is not a big deal, just take proper care of yourself and consult a good doctor. Ensure to maintain an active lifestyle along with healthy diet so that your body has the capability to fight against all the odds during your pregnancy. You can opt for walking, swimming or light activities to keep yourself fit and healthy in this time. Always remember “A healthy mother lays a strong foundation for her baby during the pregnancy and even after that”.


Things to Consider When Planning Medical Tourism for Bariatric Surgery in India

Medical Tourism in India is a diversified enterprise managed professionally by a large number of segments including a panel of expert surgeons, travel & tourism services and cost-effective health care. It is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country with annual growth rate of 30%. Its reliability can be easily noticed as a large number of hospitals and medical care centers are connected to it. Foreigners come here and get the best treatment facilities along with the vivacious holidays. People from different regions of world prefer India to get their treatment done with the peace of mind. World class hospitals and specialized doctors show their expertise in various surgeries such as Dental care, heart surgeries, eye surgeries, knee replacement etc. Apart from these machine surgeries, traditional Ayurvedic treatments are also gaining popularity. That is why people across the world consider Medical Tourism in India as the best option.

World Health Organization (WHO) gave the data from recent survey done worldwide that around 300 million people across the globe are suffering from obesity. One who suffers from obesity has high probability of having chronic diseases which includes hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes etc. Medical tourism for Bariatric surgery in India is the prime option to find the best Obesity Centre in India. There are many reasons of obesity including high calorie intake, less energy utilization or both. It is crucial to know which obesity centre is opt for the treatment. The primary step is to calculate the Body Mass Index and then accordingly it is analyzed which treatment is required. BMI calculation is followed by identification of cause of obesity.

Medical tourism for Bariatric surgery in India offers several packages which include highly specialized surgeons and it is quite necessary for the patient to know about the surgeon so that there is no lack of communication and all the pre surgery and post surgery circumstances could be discussed for best surgery results. Another important thing to be kept in mind while going for Bariatric surgery in India is to check out the facilities and infrastructure of hospitals that is given in the medical package. Once the surgery is done successfully, follow up care should never be left unfocused. Bariatric surgery hospital in India has got integrated medical support staff which is highly focused in taking care of patients who have gone through Bariatric surgery in India. They keep in mind to prevent complications post surgeries that may be weight regain, diseases related to obesity or nutritional deficiencies. For better post results, patient can fix appointments with the dietitian and respective surgeons who are extremely supportive.

Weight loss surgery in India has high success rate and thus people are more inclined towards it for the treatment. Sometimes after the complete treatment, patients are not bothered to collect documents and reports but it is very necessary to gather all the medical reports from Bariatric surgery hospital where surgery was conducted so that it could help in future consultation. Apart from all these things which should be taken into consideration is to get mentally prepared for the surgery. Through the physiological assessment that is conducted for weight loss surgery in India, the emotional and behavioral factors of patient are considered. Depending on this interview, it is decided if surgery should be done or not because it decides the successful rate of treatment. Therefore, one should be prepared well in order to get the best desired results.

Worldwide medical tourism is growing at the rate of 20-25% annually and India is a developing country which is showing the hard to believe growth rate in medical tourism. Here the same level of medications and treatments that are given in international hospitals at a highly expensive rate which common people cannot even afford is available at much lower rates. One can save a good amount of money if he goes for the medical treatment in India. Even according to data analysis if someone opts for the Bariatric surgical treatment over here he or she can save up to 65-90% which is the highest among the rest of the countries worldwide and a big achievement in itself. Many people who took the decision of visiting India for their respective therapies, surgeries or treatment got completely cured and now are living a much improved life.